Tim & Darby's backyard box-garden engagement session

Tim & Darby are just the cutest.

They will be getting married in less than two weeks now, and after all the planning I can hardly wait to capture their "bohemian style" wedding near the beach! Tim secretly worked behind the scenes with one of Darby's friends who designs jewelry to have her ring uniquely custom made.

These two are such a sweet, fun-loving couple! They have a zest for life and appreciate the simple things that bring joy and laughter. I loved capturing them chasing their chickens (named after grandmothers-Millie and Gay), planting a box- garden, sipping coffee, and snuggling. I especially loved watching them get creative together and work as a team while planting their first vegetable garden. It was the perfect way to commemorate this season of engagement as they prepare to harvest a lifetime of beautiful memories.