Stephanie & Tucker- Charlotte, N.C.

So what do you do when it pours on your wedding day? Where will you have your first look when its cold and wet outside? This bride and groom certainly did not let the weather steal their joy. In fact, Stephanie is one of the most go-with-the-flow brides I've ever had the pleasure of working with! I love when a bride confidently says with an unpretrubed response, "we'll just take it to the stairwell!" 

With the pressures of Pinterest and magazine-perfect wedding day comparisons in mind, its easy to get flustered about these types of decisions when your plans require modification. From my experience, the key is in remembering WHY you are there. Making the best out of your situation, because you know your circumstances don't matter in the face of celebrating your LOVE for one another! Remembering that its not about replicating the "perfect" pictures you saw of someone else's day. But rather, about being fully present and joy-filled so that your photographer can  capture the uniqueness and beauty of YOU and YOUR LOVE STORY, on YOUR day! That real life, authentic follow through, is what will make your pictures perfect.

Ceremony: Great Aunt Stella Center

Reception: Alexander Homestead

Dress: J.Majors- Willow By Watters, custom designed