Stylesouffle- Camel & Plaid

I am so excited to feature Taylor Rae, creative behind Stylesouffle on my blog today! I'll be sharing some of my favorite photos from our sessions, but head on over to her blog where you can get the full scoop- including direct links on where to find her ensemble, and personal styling tips/inspiration! I had such a blast shooting Taylor Rae because she is about as bubbly and cheerful as her outfit. Not to mention, the few things I learned in between dressing changes..1) don't be afraid to tuck in your blouse! It adds volumes of modesty and sophistication to any look. 2) How to wrap my ponytail in a piece of hair (I've always wondered how people do that!) -OH the joys of learning from other women! Today she put an adorable spin with a classic print...its SO cute! Heres a sneak peak from our fun, but head on over to her post for all the details!